Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thank Goodness for Chapter 13

I was wondering when this unit was going to roll around. We marched through Painting and Sculpture, Architecture and Ballet, Opera and Greek Theater, even Bauhäuser and Greek Deities. Music is the only thing that stands between Humanities 101 and the brief study of film. Yes, we are finally approaching film and I can hardly contain myself. I have been having flashbacks of TMA 102 and regrettably realized I've forgotten a lot.

I don't think I could adequately describe to anyone why I enjoy film so much. Music hits you right in your very core and leaves your foot tapping, but film hits you at every receptor and leaves your hands clapping. I met a french man once with whom I discussed the subject of religion, and responded to the question 'where are you going now' by saying, "This conversation, like after listening to a great piece of music, or experiencing theater, or a good film, requires a long walk, deep in thought". I really like walking out of a darkened theater after being asked for 2 hours to subconsciously ask myself, "what does this mean?"

A beautifully crafted film beginning with great characters and their developments, furthering of the plot by means of subtle rising action, the ultimate collapse or realization of conflict at the climax, followed by appropriate denouement, with striking cinematography throughout, is all a guy can ask for. It should ideally answer a question of the human predicament, or at least help us in producing more refined questions. I don't think any other medium of art has the capacity to be philosophical than film has.

A quote by Ingmar Bergman:
"A film for me begins with something very vague--a chance remark or a bit of conversation, a hazy but agreeable event unrelated to any particular situation. These are split second impressions that disappear and leave behind a mood--like pleasant dreams. It is a mental state, and not an actual story, but one abounding in fertile associations and images. Most of all, it i a brightly colored thread sticking out of a dark sack of the unconscious. If I begin to wind up this thread, and do it carefully, a complete film will emerge."

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