Friday, July 24, 2009

Pioneer Art Display

Today, I decided to take part in an Exhibit of Art at a Pioneer Festival on the 24th. It was comprised of pictures dating back into the late 1800's of early Provo settlements.

Aside from the covered wagons, tee-pees, carved statues of pioneers, and bonnets galore, I enjoyed most the classic rock band dressed in pioneer clothing. They even sang songs with lyrics about contemporary pioneers.

I am lured sometimes into thinking, "well, these are historical photographs and only exist to let us know what things looked like back then". I forget that the photographers here probably had just as must artistic drive as photographers today. I'm sure their main goal in capturing this moment, was not to show to generations in advance, but to truly capture that moment in time.

There were pictures of people in lines, posing for the camera. Buildings that complimented the dirty country-side. Photos of old downtown Provo. All displayed on wooden easels on the grass under white canopies.

One cheer for the pioneers and the photographers who captured things.


  1. I really like where you went there with the photographers. I think that is so true. We don't take pictures today so we can show our future generations, but to capture a moment in time that we want to remember. Nice thought there!

  2. That is a really neat thing. I like to see pictures of how places used to look in the old days. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that the world wasn't black and white back then. I bet the photographers did enjoy their art a lot.