Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's my dance, and I'll Interpret it if I want to.

This week kicked off our studies of dance in the Humanities. It has drained me of nearly all I've got. Dance is great and all, but I just don't revere it. I just hear "mumbo jumbo" when people talk about interpreting dance. And worse, I just think "crazy" when I see people like Isadora Duncan jumping around, failing her arms, and screaming some nonsense about 'solar plexus' and what not. I appreciated the unit about Ballet, but I am glad that today we moved on in the course material. I came upon this video as I was thinking about modern art. I think it is dance inspired by one boy's interpretation of a painting. It's simple, why complicate it?

We also watched Thriller (Michael Jackson) in class and I recommend to all those who haven't watched it in awhile, that you take a trip down to and tune in for your viewing pleasure. It put a kick in my step the past couple days, and a bit of groove in my otherwise stagnant hips.

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  1. Awwwww man . . . haha do you know how good it feels to jump around and flail your arms and scream? Try it. Right now. Come on.