Monday, June 29, 2009

A Tentative List for Culture

In the upcoming 6-8 weeks, i have to attend 6-8 cultural events, spanning from categories like Dancing all way down to Film Screenings. We were asked to make a tentative plan for said cultural events, and I'll post them here, so that all who may read and wish to come with can make their voices known. The List:

-Monday, 6-29-09, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in South Jordan

-Friday, 7-11-09, Ballet Under the Stars, Murray City Arts Council.

-Thursday, 7-16-09, Utah Museum of Fine Arts in SLC at UU

-Tuesday (7-21-09) or Friday (7-24-09), Deer Valley Music Festival with the Utah Symphony

Monday, 7-27-09, 10:00 pm, Weekly Film Screening at the Orem Public Library

Thursday, 8-6-09, Sundance Summer Theatre “The Fantasticks”. 

other tentative events:
-Sandy's Farmers Market
-(Every Thursday) SLC Twilight Concert Series

If you wish to be a part, let me know.


  1. UMFA is free this wednesday. and i have a pass to "this is the place monument", if you're in it for extra credit. i'll see you at the sandy farmer's market, ...i'll be the one carrying a crate of tomatos and a homemade berry pie. love you.

  2. Believe it or not, Provo has an up and coming farmer's market. It's not bad. We shared a tasty Hungarian dish. Also, the Scerra (spelling?) theater also shows twilight movies under the stars, but I think you just missed Young Frankenstein. Bummer. Love your blog.