Friday, June 5, 2009

Artichokes, Cheese, and Carmel

So, we took the semi-annual williams' family Carmel trip this past week, but the numbers were reduced to 3 Adults and 1 Child. Admission price? A desire to eat, eat, eat. We off towards Carmel/Monterey.

We took a pitstop in Watsonville, for the "bathrooms"..but more importantly, for the renouned 'fried artichoke hearts'. There is a recommended intake of 3-4; more would be detrimental to health, less would be an appetitive impossibilty. A picture is not provided here because fingers were far too greasy to handle camera taking devices.

We made it to Carmel and walked along the main street (San Carlos) for a little while. We stopped at Bakeries, Candy Stores, Toy Stores, and a little Cheese Shop. We saw a couple of german people and I once again got to speak a little "Deutsch" with people who lived 15 minutes away from Darmstadt (my last area). Refreshing. We sat down afterwards in a little park to enjoy a few cuts of cheese.

We didn't call it a day there, though. Monterey was on the way home, so we stopped, ate some seafood, got some Dippin Dots and then started back home.
A list of foods purchased/eaten:
-mint fudge
-peanut butter cups
-carmel discs
-gummi frogs
-cinnamon pretzel
-suger pastry thing
-3 assortments of cheese w/ crackers
-fish (rockfish, crab sandwich, fish 'n' chips)
-Dippin Dots
What a day. Thanks Bryce & Christina and Hudson.


  1. That's hilarious because the last time we were in Monterey/Carmel we hardly ate anything but did a lot of hiking/biking/swimming/walking. I'm not passing judgment, I sure wish I was there to eat all that food (did I mention I gained 8 lbs. last month from the Williams food). When are you coming to Santa Barbara! Come SOON!

  2. If you would ever pick up your phone!

  3. Whoa, where is that artichoke place, i need to go there. sounds like you all had a blast