Friday, June 26, 2009

Class Discussion

"memento mori" (n.) - an object serving as a warning or reminder of death. 
Literal Translation from the Latin--> remember (that you have) to die.

When these were the first words written on the board in our first discussion in my Humanities class this week, the worried muscles in my body started twitching. Ironically enough, learning that my current professor (what do you call a female professor?) was/is a grad. student working on a thesis about 'Zombie Movies' calmed me right now. 

I really enjoy both classes I am currently in, not necessary due to easiness, but do to curriculum discussion. I guess the first week or so of any given course (at least 100 level) is spent in discussing the "Philosphy of.." the given subject. Important, is not only to study the subject matter, but to know WHY. Last class, we talked a little about becoming complete human beings, and how the study of the Arts makes us more humane. I'm not really one to buy into super idealistic statements (call me pessimistic or experienced, either way), but I do feel like connecting to a another person, through their little piece of art, and also awakening thought processes within oneself, can really help us develop as human beings. More importantly, I think it helps us develop as compassionate human beings. It also just makes like a lot more rich. And who doesn't want to be rich?

I took this picture at the HUGE cathedral in Cologne, Germany. What do you think? I'd say it's a Gothic piece.

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