Friday, April 15, 2011


"It is not from nature, but from education and habits, that our wants are chiefly derived."
-Henry Fielding

I've been having one of those semesters where my "desired profession" changes every week. I think so far I've traveled from doctor, to professor, to chef, to forest ranger, to farmer. Where am I now? I currently reside somewhere between traveling salesman and circus performer.

This week brings finals and lots of studying. I walked into the office of my housing management yesterday to sign a new contract. I got the clipboard and was looking over the information as I duly listened to a conversation between a girl and the receptionist. The girl was refused a housing contract for the summer because she wasn't a BYU student (BYU usually acts as a co-signer). The receptionist rudely told her that, even though she worked full-time, the management company was unwilling to give her a contract. The tone of the receptionist to this girl's trouble was pronounced indifference. I was immediately turned off, and mildly infuriated. I stood up, placed my clipboard on the counter and informed the receptionist that I didn't feel their apartments and services were worth the prices listed on the sheet.

I just find no need for rudeness in life. I don't support it, and I hope not to indulge in it. However I may soon find myself less willing to indignantly boycott rudeness when my housing contract expires next week.


  1. hang in there you are capable of what ever you choose to do.

  2. of course you taking an anger management wouoldnt hurt you otherwise you might turn out to be like your old man.