Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cameo Blog

I've never tested the waters of featuring other's blogs on my page, but my thoughts are rather drab lately and I have so many relatives and friends who write some pretty beautiful things. A good friend of mine wrote recently a post that inspired me. She is a young, Christian, recent APU graduate in the greater LA area. If you have a minute check out her post, I'm sure you'll enjoy her thoughts and style:

-Dani Davis


  1. Oh my how honored I feel to be featured on Ryan Williams blog! Seriously, you're wonderful & I am so flattered :)

  2. Hey, Ryan! How are things going? I haven't posted on my humanities blog for a year and a half now...but you should take a look at my new blog that shows off my photography (a hobby of mine). And maybe you could even mention ME on your blog, if that's not too bold. :P the URL is