Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heaven Is Falling

I was west bound on I-80 Thursday night when the sky started to fall. I would learn later via a friend's Facebook status that Mother Nature planned a meteor shower that night, to entertain me during the monotony of the Nevada skyline. Oh, but how perfect a seat is the monotonous skyline for a midnight meteor downpour! The stars were crisp.

I saw my first shooting star at around midnight, another an hour later, and the finale came around 3am. I don't know how far away it was (my guess was 15 miles) but around 3am a huge fireball streaked across the sky and burned out somewhere near the horizon. It was the most intense shooting star I have ever seen. It was no shooting star (of course, shooting stars aren't ever
really shooting stars) it was a full-on meteoroid--on 'roids.

I got home around 7am Friday morning with some dried mangoes, 3 waters, 3 oatmeal granola bars, cheez-its, and 2 Monster energy drinks in my worn-out belly.

I overheard a conversation Thursday night before my departure from Provo which I ruminated over for about 8 of the 11 hours I was on the road. A friend and an acquaintance were talking about gossip--and this acquaintance (who currently lives in N.Y. and performs on Broadway) claimed that when people from Provo ask how their fellow former Provo-ites in N.Y. are faring, these Provoan enquirers seem to be disappointed should the response reveal that those in N.Y. are happy and well. The acquaintance concluded:

"It is as if they want to know that they are out there (in N.Y.) failing at reaching their dreams to validate their staying in Provo and working in a department store out of fear of failing. I am pursuing my dream!"

Her conviction was supreme. I thought about that a lot, but won't comment on it. I think there is real inspiration there, though.

I saw two movies already this weekend: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Eat Pray Love.
The former is worth seeing, the latter is worth seeing once. I realized in Eat Pray Love the kind of weird writing style that is sweeping writer/viewer media.

It is the blogger writing style:
1) A person introduces the struggles he/she is facing at a particular time.
2) This person recounts an experience that is existentially different from said struggle, but also somehow related.
3) This person synthesizes the overall meaning and lessons gleaned from these 'fundamentally unique from the struggle' experiences and creates a working thesis.
4) This person sums up in flowery language the lessons learned, relates ironically to said struggle and paints a picture of a brighter, less struggle-filled future.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was great. I was looking forward to it and was so very pleased. I left with a smile on my face from the sheer magnitude of it all.

I have two entrepreneurial ideas for the next few months of my life. I'll come out with those ideas soon once I have thought them out a bit better.

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  1. Oh for the love of meteorshowers... or the way I never fail to miss them! haha

    I want to hear your new future ideas...
    &, yes i have to throw it on the table: I suck at being friends, I didn't call you back, but now i'm back in the country so catch up soon? Good to catch up on your blog friend.