Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Abroad In Ukraine

Whenever someone mentions that they studied 'abroad' for a semester or that they are traveling 'abroad', a Foxtrot cartoon pops into my head every time. Every time. And I secretly giggle each time, too. The cartoon starts off with the dad telling the son that the older brother wants to study abroad for his next college semester. There are only two frames in the strip. The second frame is the what the little brother imagines that must mean: his brother dressed up like a woman with dark hair as he is studying. The little brother then expresses his confusion. Every time, I swear.

The news is out. I am going to be abroad for the next 3 months beginning February 28th. I giggled. Destination? Kiev, Ukraine. I hyperlinked it straight to Wikipedia for your convenience. I have really pined for some sort of adventure, and I don't think an adventure like this could have come timelier and on more auspicious wings.

After looking at pictures of Kiev (Kyiv), I am so darn excited to experience the culture and see the architecture. I think this could be a very cool thing for me in my life.

Meanwhile, I have dropped all my classes, withdrawn from a hectic semester, and began a job as a painter in the Salt Lake temple. I work eleven hour days under murals of the Savior and various Prophets. I sand walls and calk cracks in plaster that has been dedicated to praise God. I count my blessings. Sanding and calking are still just sanding and calking, though, no matter where you do it. It is quite dreary.

Life is still very good. I could be doing things a lot better. I could call my parents and siblings more. Make a greater effort to see and spend time with cousins and friends. I could improve just about everything right now. I think those two things are highest on my priorities list. But regardless, I am really grateful for being able to feel very blessed.

If you know anything about Kiev or have suggestions on where I should travel once my stay in Ukraine is over (I want to take a week or 10 days and do some Euro-travel), please let me know. I am open and very inexperienced.

Adventure awaits!


  1. I would definitely do Budapest, Poland. I loved it. And nothing is better than Prague, seriously. But it will make you want to fall in love. And of course my heart is forever tied to Vienna. Oh, and Salsburg is really cool too. Why spend ten days, spend the summer. Europe rocks. Can I come too?

  2. It totally depends on what kind of things you are into seeing. I love Wien, I think it is impossible not to love but Austria in General is Beautiful. Also Prague is great... and you will be there in a time of year that is not as cold... I think. Italy, I absolutely LOVE Italy and wished I could have spent more time there. I am sure I could have more suggestions if you want them, but that is off the top of my head.