Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Lady of the Rockies--My Lady of the Rockies

I recently got back from an expedition and thought I should share some pictures of the event. It was a bachelor's trip to Montana with some friends. A bachelor's trip seemed appropriate because soon approaching is my own wedding next Friday. I don't think I gained any wise insight from the trip, so I won't be too wordy, but I will share some sweet pictures.

To explain the choice of destination, we'll have to go back 2 years while I was scouring the internet for cool places to visit. A web search returned a description of "Our Lady of the Rockies" in Butte, Montana that left me envious. Envious of my future self who would one day visit her. We decided to visit the Lady and make a trip of it, by visiting Glacier National Park (also in Montana) thereafter.

We arrived in Butte late in the evening, and decided to park ourselves next to the freeway and pitch our tent for a night of restful and safe sleep. We thought parking next to the freeway would help keep us safe from any creeps lurking the countryside.

Unfortunately right behind us was a creepy gulch/highway underpass combo.

This is a picture of Our Lady of the Rockies at night. She is radiant.

I think we hiked about 1300 feet in elevation and a couple miles in distance to get to Our Lady.

Paying my respects. We would note later, when reading a more detailed description of the builder's intentions of Our Lady, the irony of us four guys visiting a statue dedicated to women everywhere, while on a bachelor trip.

The view from Our Lady's perch. The road in the bottom part of the picture is the highway from which we hiked.

With bull, twisty cone in hand.

 These pictures are from Glacier National Park. It was beautiful, and looked eerily like scenes from Jurassic Park.

A log dam on Avalanche Lake. 

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