Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kitchen Table Wisdom

I've had this book for over a year now. It can be found anywhere among my possessions, at any time. Like a sweet tasting snack, I find myself running to it in times of craving, and dropping it along the byway once satisfied and satiated. It was written by a woman M.D. who, for many years, has worked as an end-of-life counselor to those with terminal illness. She is one of the most beautiful writers I've come upon, and her life has been one of ebbing disheartenment and flowing inspiration. I marked down a quote in a previous chapter that I hadn't thought about for a while until recently, when I read a friend's blog about the power of those around us. The people around us hold such power in our lives. The quote is about unconditional love, and the power it has on us, and I really love it.

"The null hypothesis is a research principle that applies only when one is studying universal laws and principles, forces that hold in all circumstances and at all times. It states that should one find only a single instance in which the law does not hold, the law itself has been invalidated.

"There are laws of our inner world that bind each of us as firmly as gravity, beliefs we carry about ourselves and about life in general that we experience as true in all conditions and at all times. A feeling of personal unworthiness is one such inner law.

"One moment of unconditional love may call into question a lifetime of feeling unworthy and invalidate it."

I have noticed in myself at times the desire to withhold love from someone to show them that I disapprove of their actions or attitude. A glance or a silence is more than adequate to convey withheld love. I don't like it at all, but I do it. Love is such an easy something to give, and it is a healing-something. I think the power of unwarranted, even unreciprocated love expressed will have such lasting power if we are constantly in practice of it.

If you're reading this blog (and if I know your blog URL) you can be assured that I've been reading your blog, as well. Just because I've been strapped for blogging inspiration, doesn't mean I don't religiously follow your blog--because chances are, I do. And I enjoy them always.

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