Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook weaning.

I have been sitting in the BYU Salt Lake center for about 3 hours now alternating between studying, homework, and Grooveshark.com. In that time I have logged on to facebook a total of 12 times.
I have decided once again to cut my own hand off; to scoop figuratively my own eye out of my head. If idleness is a sin, then facebook is definitely an object of sin. Goodbye newsfeeds and instant updates into which survey that one guy I knew in high school just took. Deactivated.

This song is a part of my life right now. Cat Stevens.

Oh, by the way, in an act of irony I added those little buttons below that allow viewers of my blog to share my post on a number of media networking sites. Wouldn't it be awkward if this post was shared on facebook? It's like I would still inadvertently be contributing to the frivolousness of the whole thing. Please don't share this.

1 comment:

  1. Obbbviously I'm going to share this. FB here it comes! hahahaah :)