Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am very negative.

I have been negative about quite a few things, lately. Here are a few of those few things that have me unjustly embracing negativity as a way of life:

-I am negative about heading back to Provo soon.
There is really no cause for this. In fact, I think I was negative about heading to Ukraine, and then from Ukraine to California. Regardless of where I'm headed, it's safe to assume I am negative about going there.

-I am negative about starting school again.
Why shouldn't I be? School is just an institution for disqualifying all the people who would think on their own, but instead are taught to think inside a box, behind a desk. It eliminates the wonder of discovering the world for oneself, and replaces it with a poorly trained human-being stuffing it down one's throat. (I support school and education. Except for state and privately funded educational institutions and schools)

-I am negative about entering the dating scene again.
Provo is the one place on earth dating should be discontinued. But for some reason, it seems to be the one place on earth that it's promulgation is most heavily supported. Sure, let's just add marriage to the checklist of "things to do after a mission". Unwise.

-I am negative about modern media.
After watching the news, daytime talk shows, and an unsuccessful, unconvincing independent film, I am willing to say that the world of modern media is going from bad to worse. The news is just propaganda, daytime talk shows are too indicative of reality (scary), and indy films are too edgy without ever crossing meaningful borders.

-I am negative about always being so awkward.
I am an awkward creature. I laugh and look at the floor much too often. I find the needful, funny comment lacking much too often. I apologize at times where sarcasm would have been more socially appropriate. I leave silence on my end of the line much too often. If I make your life awkward--I apologize sincerely. *Silence*

-I am negative about choosing a future career.
Why am I born? To grow up and fill a slot in society that was created because someone, somewhere prior to me merely needed to earn a paycheck? Needless to elaborate, I think I was born in the wrong century. I would have been OK being a poor farmer in the 16th century. I don't want to just earn a paycheck or just fill a post. Why can't I do something truly needful to society? Society embraces all things gratuitous, and no things meaningful.

-I am negative about the gratuitous nature of society.
I'll refer you to the end of the previous comment dicussing my negativity about choosing a future career.

-I am negative about the Lakers winning game 6 of the series.
Why do people still like Kobe Bryant despite his arrogance? I mean, the guy can play sports great, but does that mean he gets to act like a d-bag? I am negative, I know.

-I am negative about the new Prop 8 movie.
Such propaganda. I mean--can you inaccurately quote a leader of a church and claim to be a serious documentary film? I think we all want to grant equality, but this is definitely the wrong way to approach the issue, in my uneducated opinion. All these people want to do is make waves. Here, watch the
trailer. Hopefully it won't make you negative.

I am very negative about a few things.

I just feel like getting on the rooftops and screaming out negativities. It is just so easy to get negative about things.

Tomorrow I will wake up and could maybe hear
this song and might be reminded, however, that a few things aren't so bad. Props, to all those songs, movies, scriptures, friends, family, digital media, fast-food-joints' slogans, books, quotes, and fortune cookies that help dispel those little bouts of negativity in life.

Sorry if I just pooped on any parties you might have been having, but that's a look inside my brain tonight. In consolation, I feel much less negative about a lot fewer things after having written this post. Thanks, blogspot.


  1. Wow, thanks for the trailer link. I hadn't seen it yet. I posted it on my blog...along with my own commentary. :P

  2. I feel like I could write another entire blog to comment on everything I have just read here. Not that I tend to feel pleasure in all your negativity, but you make me laugh. Oh, and by the way, if I can survive here I feel like anyone can, but who wants to merely survive? I guess you have a point.

  3. Good song.
    & good venting, & if I may say somethings about you that I know..
    While you may be negative about a few things (but certainly not heading to LA ever right? haha), you are bold and trusting of God. you are thoughtful, but spontaneous. & your thoughts are balanced and grounded, but you still dream big. You may be negative about somethings, but in the grand scheme of things, you are solid and soaking up life and I am encouraged by you.