Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Piece of Bread after Church

I returned home from church today and instinctively reached in the cupboard for a piece of bread. I haven't lived at home for years now, but as far back as I can remember, the desired 'after-church' snack for me and my siblings was always a slice of white bread. Methods for eating varied. I would always take the crust-first approach. First eating the crust, and once finished, would then begin my slow enjoyment of the fluffy white center. I remember Hilary balling her piece of bread up until it no longer resembled bread, but perhaps a bread egg, and eating it that way.

Today I have my 22nd birthday.

I thought about the days I used to live at home with my family after I considered the 'bread after church' tradition. I couldn't help but think about my siblings as I've talked with them the past couple days and as they've expressed their love for me around my birthday. They are my favorite people in the world, and I can't imagine wanting to be more like anyone else--and how much I want to be just like them. I love my siblings. To me they are the happiest, most successful, most beautiful people I know.

I wish I had each of their qualities. Be it Hilary's wit and love of life, Amy's creativity and motherly kindness, Bryce's humor in any situation and caring thoughtfulness, I would do well to attain any of their virtues to any small degree. I currently keep a small journal about all of the things I love about my siblings, but knowing pride to be one of their collective vices (funny?), I don't think I'll ever share it with them. Suffice it to say, I respect you guys and love you more than anyone--except for maybe the two parents that donated their genes to you.

Also in my little journal of siblings are my siblings-in-law. I really think that each of my siblings married up, so if I feel the need to compliment my siblings, the need to compliment my brothers- and sister-in-law remains necessary. I was a little tike when you entered the family and my life, and I will forever look up to you all and take your advice and help as scripture, or close to. I also love you guys for making my siblings even better than they already were.

I love you guys. You are my great examples.

Life is good. I leave for Ukraine on the 21st at 4:45pm from the Salt Lake Airport.


  1. Notice how my picture is first, everyone. Bryce

  2. Tyler did point out I was mentioned first in the good qualities of the siblings. Also, notice how in the bread comment only "Hilary" was brought up. Obviously the most eccentric, I mean creative, one of the bunch. Thank you. And Ryan, you were worried about pride, I just don't get it.

  3. Happy Birthday. You share your day with my favorite guy in the world. And lucky you to actually like and love your siblings.