Thursday, August 6, 2009

at 100 East & Crazy-Lady North

Life has been moving quick lately. I've had multiple people ask me in the past few days, "Whoa, are you tired?" I think the routine of normal life is catching up with me. I still try and do a couple things that keep life from being too ritualistic or routine. Let's run through a couple examples..

I try to enjoy school. There seems to be a really lame attitude going around that school is a burden because it is hard and requires thought. It might just be my constant association with Freshmen (because I am one, technically) in all my freshman classes. I sometimes have to step back and read the page in my textbook 2 or 3 times with the thought in mind, "just enjoy it". And when I do that, regardless of what I am learning, be it arbitrary or essential, I drop it down deep in my intellect and really enjoy it.

I try to run different routes on my jogs. You'd be surprised the difference a different street can make to take. I have ended up lost, but happy many times. You can wrap your mind a little bit better around the geography of the world, the more places you visit. Finding a new street in Provo, is like walking a little street inside yourself that you've never quite explored before.

I try to buy scooters. I accomplished my goal (mom, don't read this) and found a really cheap scooter yesterday, and bought it! It was an old guy who just wanted to get rid of it; it's in great condition. Being frugal, but adventurous, and consumer-ish all that the same time is quite exhilarating. It's an ironic experience, when you feel like you've just saved money after having just spent it.

I give crazy people rides on hitch hiking whims. I was driving today and pulled up to the light, when a lady with a 'Little Caesars' employee shirt stuck her head inside my passenger side window and asked, "You going to 100 East?" To which I replied, "Now I am. Get in". We drove and talked and she repeated the sentences, "I'm just reaaally worried" followed by "Do you think it is normal to be really worried" about 15 times during the drive, as I tried to make small talk. There is something refreshing about a conversation where there is no pressure. I could have honestly said anything I wanted to this lady and I'm sure it would have been about 1000 times more sane than anything running around in her head, and that put me at ease. Not to be rude or anything, she was a nice lady. I dropped her off at the DMV and we parted ways for what could be a long time, or at lease until I stop at the Little Caesar's intersection again.

I read a paper about "Shaun of the Dead" for my humanities class and figured it related to this subject of routine. She wrote about the use of Zombies in breaking Shaun out of his modernism cell of routine and complacency. I think that's pretty important, we could all use a couple Zombies to dislodge us from the boring everyday.


  1. Way to be.

    I'll look forward to hearing about your first scooter accident.

    It's inevitable. You know that, right?

  2. Your mother just had 2 heartattacks!!!!! One for the picking up a hitch hiker (AKA serial killers) and buying a scooter. Provo drivers will surely kill you within 24 hours of getting on that thing.

  3. Very good article. I like what you said about routine. I have always wanted a scooter! I've been hit by one while riding my bike before... Fun experience. Enjoy the ride!

  4. I liked your view on routine. I didn't read that article, but I understand how you feel about just doing a routine. We do need change once in a while.