Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is me transitioning

Here is my call to the blogging world! I figure there could be no better time to start blogging than at the beginning of one of the biggest life changes i have experienced so far in my 'sojourn through mortality'.

So if you aren't quite sure what i mean by transitioning, let me explain. I recently spent 2 years not watching TV, not going on dates, not reading the news, and not thinking about anything else, but how to help other people change their lives and live more like Jesus Christ. You will hear that name frequently mentioned, because i believe Him to be essential to all happiness, peace, and love that we experience. I conversed with German people (and all nationalities) about simple topics like: happiness, family, and religion. I took an interest in others and asked them what they believed, and shared with them the simple truths that had profoundly impacted my life. I often thought about a quote i had heard from a neighbor, "Believe in the power of your impact!" I took two years to be obedient to all the rules that i was asked to be subjected to, even and especially the ones i didn't understand! I took two years to take an interest in the lives of others, and in the salvation of my own. Two years was spent trying to serve others and trying to be good. I wasn't always successful in my diligence, but it was great just being able to really try and have no distractions for a couple years.

And that's what i mean by "transitioning". I went from a world of no distraction and no self-indulgence, to this place of advertisement, gratification, and shelves of peanut butter. I am finding that although life is much more satisfying, it is far less fulfilling. Do we ever really realize to what extent we are blinded to those things that truly matter? The transition has been eye opening!

Today's decisions do not only affect tomorrow's choices, but also this week's transitions, that we will be asked to experience. The traces of change are the outlines of life's transitions. In film, the frequency of transitory shots increases in action scenes and decreases with a fall in action. Drama films are notorious for 1 or 2 main 'plot changing' transitions; comedies for their unexpected and unimportant transitions. All scenes begin and end with transitions.

Basically, I am grateful to be home. I am really grateful to God for blessing me. I am grateful for a good family. I don't think it will matter which transition we are asked to endure, if we meet them with a grateful heart, we will ever see the positive and the negative will drift away with prayerful hearts.

This is me transitioning.


  1. love it. that's all i can say. love it.

  2. Hey Ryan!
    You did a great job and i think you related very well to the people here in germany. I loved our conversation at the BBQ and thought we had a great time. I you been and will be a great missionary!! I miss you !
    We had a ward conference last week and it was nice but we missed you. Have a great week and till we meet again hope soon.

  3. Peanut butter + philosophy = good blogging. Keep it up!

    Oh, and I'm gonna' steal this quote: ". . . although life is much more satisfying, it is far less fulfilling." Brilliant.

  4. Hmmm... I'm not Hilary. I'm Tyler. But for some reason my comment (above) says I am. Oh, well.